User Stories

We think our talent acquisition is pretty exceptional.  The real testament to what we do and how we do it are our customer’s opinions.

ConceptIQ Consulting has helped make our recruiting process easier and more effective.
Jason Finnegan
We work with other agencies as well. They made little effort towards filling our lower paying openings. I mentioned this and CIQC took these positions on as if I personally challenged them. Okay, maybe I did! The important thing is that they still put forth the effort and we got a quality bilingual Administrative Assistant.
Lauren Wyatt
I spend a lot less time worrying about vetting candidates thanks to CIQC.
Rob Peterson
ConceptIQ Consulting has been a very good partner for us. They have provided good advise and have responded to all of our request promptly.
Natalie Correll
Our firm used ConceptIQ Consulting to find a real “winner”. It took my staff a month to just get one scheduled interview. Once I contacted CIQC, we had several qualified candidates in two weeks and hired this individual (now our employee) the following week. Thank you CIQC. We will be calling you again very soon for our next hire.
Albert Swanson
What I liked about working with CIQC was their diligence. We felt strongly about getting the perfect person. They kept at it until they found someone that we were fully satisfied with bringing on board although they already had presented many other good candidates.
Kevin Taliniski

We feel strongly about the question “What’s your ideal company” and would appreciate hearing from companies and candidates alike. Aside from helping companies find people and people find companies, we work with all our partners to share thoughts and ideas and therefore your input we be very helpful. Feel free to use our “Contact Us” space below to share your thoughts.

The only questions we can’t answer are the questions you don’t ask.