The CIQC Team and philosophy was formed as the result of a number of discussions among recruiting colleagues about the status of the recruiting industry.  Our collective assessment is that in order for ConceptIQ Consulting to provide recruiting, HR & consulting services that are exceptional, we need to connect with companies in a dynamic way so that we understand what is at the heart of their corporate culture.

That brings us back to the aforementioned “Boutique Approach”Relationship building is what rules the day.  Our effectiveness is rapport oriented based on years of interfacing with candidates.  One could say we have developed an innate soft-skill.  Recruiting at CIQC will embrace your corporate mission as our daily practice.  We view budgets and salary parameters with sincerity and conviction, and recognize that even seemingly minor soft-skills are part of position requirements.  Our vision is recruiting that makes sense – experience that matches the position, career goals, salary, commute, etc.   Ultimately we use an overview of your business and brand, thus putting your company first.

Because after all, Recruiting is a science

The only questions we can’t answer are the questions you don’t ask.