Background Checks – CIQC offers this service both as part of our recruiting process and as an independent service.

Executive Search – All too often companies pursue senior-level executives without considering the dynamics of what it takes to hire someone who will be transformational within their organization.  You want to see where our 30-plus years of experience really makes a difference?  Allow us to pave the road to a top-notch executive.

HR Management – Most companies do HR backwards (i.e. incident – lawsuit – “hey, we need to fix our HR policies!”).  Our sports analogy is “It’s always better to play from ahead, rather than from behind”.  Revamping HR policies will not be easy.  It is tough work.  CICQ will work side-by-side with you to transform both your insight and your policies to a proactive, progressive approach that leads you into the future, thus allowing you to be ahead in the HR game.

The only questions we can’t answer are the questions you don’t ask.