How much have you thought about the service business you are in as it relates to employees?  If you’re really dialed in you know that your company either adds or subtracts to the equation of your business every time you make a new hire.  Here are some points to consider about your hiring process.

  • MARKETING:  Do you view your recruiting & hiring process as a means of marketing your organization?
  • EXPOSURE:  How expansive is your outreach, and is it such that you are getting a wide range of candidates?
  • EFFICIENCY:  Does your recruiting and hiring process have process time lines that ensures candidates aren’t left wondering and waiting?
  • ACCOUNTABILITY:  Does your Recruiting & HR process have a check list?
  • BRANDING:  What is your “candidate experience” really like and do you invite the feedback of new candidates and/or new hires?
  • CONNECTIVITY:  Are members of your executive management team involved in your recruiting and hiring process?
  • CULTURE:  How important is promoting a positive feeling and a sense of belonging to new employees at your organization?
  • CONTINUITY:  Have you taken the time to partner with HR to coordinate an effective orientation?
  • PERCEPTION:  Do you recognize the significance of how an ineffective recruiting/hiring process adversely effects a new hires’ perception of your organization?
  • SOLUTIONS:  How receptive would your company be to having CIQC help you evaluate your recruiting/hiring process?

Are we suggesting that all your hiring and management challenges will be over?  Not by any means!  What we are saying is that by addressing the above you begin the process of taking your company beyond the scope of being “just another company with just another job”.  This is the first step in the process of becoming a company of note where employees take pride in where they work.  Once this happens you will quickly see that by proactively taking the right steps you start the process of setting a standard for professionalism and performance management within your organization.

The only questions we can’t answer are the questions you don’t ask.